Robins Dazzle Their Audience

4th February 2015
On Wednesday this week, the whole school was treated to a very impressive presentation by our Robins who shared their learning in assembly. The Robins shared the work they have been doing on weather which included their own homemade weather vanes, barometers and rain guages. The children were able to name and explain a range of cloud formation and had their audience hanging on every word when reading out the beautiful poetry they had been inspired to write through this topic. They ended their assembly with three children sharing a clever way of learning about where they are in the world. A most impressive classroom display is on show for all to see how much the children have learnt and enjoyed this topic. When the audience was asked to show how many had learnt something new during the assembly, every hand went up! A wonderful shared learning experience was enjoyed by all. Thank you to our clever Robins!