School Teams

At Perran-ar-Worthal children are each part of a team.  Our teams are: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue: families all belong to the same team. On Fridays we have our special Celebration Assembly where, rather than sitting with our classes, we sit as a team. Each team meet in a different classroom and older children pair up with a younger child to walk to assembly and each week a new child is chosen from each team to be that week's flag bearer. In these assemblies we learn which team has earned the most teampoints as the team captains change the half term running total on the board. At the end of each half term, the winning team receive a treat. 
Each team has an elected team captain and vice-captain from year 6. To be elected, children have to make a speech to their fellow year 6s to explain why they would make a good team captain. The rest of the year group think very carefully before casting their vote as it is a really important job in our school.