The Carrick Recorder Consort Impress the Children

21st September 2015
This week, the school had a special treat! The Carrick Consort brought a range of different recorders to show the pupils and played several familiar nursery rhymes in various parts. Mrs Whormseley, well known to the school for running the many very successful recorder clubs for the children, talked to the school about the origin of the tunes they were playing. The children were clearly mesmerised by the wonderful sound the wide range of recorders made when all 17 were being played together. No doubt this has inspired many more of our pupils to take up playing the recorder. Mrs Whormseley may well have a very busy term ahead of her! The assembly ended with Mrs Whormseley and Mr Phil Madeley, one of our new governors, presenting recorder exam certificates to several of our pupils who have been working hard with Mrs Whormseley during their recorder sessions to pass their exam. We are very proud of you al! A huge thanks to Mrs Whormseley for all her hard work and dedication and to the members of The Carrick Consort for their wonderful playing.