YEAR 5 CAMP - Thursday, DAY 2

14th July 2016
Thursday, 14th July
What a fun filled day today! The morning started with singing Happy Birthday to one of the children who had a tent decorated with balloons, birthday banners and presents from all her friends. Party poppers before breakfast woke us all up this morning!
After breakfast the children had a few quick games with the parachute to get them going and then were put through their paces when being presented with several different team building challenges. A brilliant experience was had by all and the way in which every child was involved as a team made the outcome for all a very positive one. Well done!
Later in the morning the children tackled the notorious high wall, otherwise known as THE BEAST! This enabled all to gain a sense of achievement and the team work during this activity was outstanding. What a great group of children!
During the afternoon the children challenged themselves on the climbing wall and developed their skills with the bow and arrow. Even the adults got a little bit competitive!
After tea the children enjoyed some down time and the birthday girl ended her lovely day with stories, cake and hot chocolate around the camp fire with all her mates. Some 'interesting' in-house entertainment had us all in giggles (see video below for some footage of the performance - Mr Teasdale will never live this down!).
Everyone was certainly ready for bed after a very busy day.