Year 5 Camp Day 2

18th July 2017

Camp fell silent, except from the odd snore, at around 11:30pm last night and after a good night sleep everyone was up and about by 7am.

A cooked breakfast and a tent inspection were the first challenges of the day! We then split into two groups and headed to the climbing walls and archery range. We had a busy morning scaling the climbing walls and finding out who was the secret Robin Hood of the group.

Lunchtime arrived and so did the rain. But, never ones to let that keep us from enjoying ourselves, we donned our waterproof trousers and macs and headed for the bike shed. Again split into two groups, we tackled a challenging (and rather muddy!) mountain biking trail (thank goodness we packed those bin bags for soggy clothes!) and gave our brains a good exercise on the problem solving activities.

Although the rain cleared eventually in the evening, the camp fire area was just too soggy and the gusty wind hadn't dropped so we gathered up our sleeping bags and pillows, got into our pyjamas and had a film night in the warm and dry.

We’re heading to bed now...all feeling rather sleepy but excited about high ropes in the morning!