Year 6 Camp Day 1

19th July 2017
We arrived just in time to watch (and cheer on) the Year 5 children finishing the high ropes. We ate our lunch together and heard all about the fun they had had before waving them off and getting stuck into our first activity of camp - handing out the hoodies!! All suitably dressed we headed for the high-ropes area and after listening to the safety talk and getting kitted out with harnesses and helmets we tackled the first challenges - the leap of faith and the zip wire.  Many of us who were on camp last year set ourselves personal targets for the things we wanted to try on high ropes and leap of faith was the top of a few lists. High kicks, falling backwards and the odd superman pose were some of the styles which were chosen, whilst some of us stuck to just jumping from the 8 metre platform! After a quick drink break we worked in teams to reach the top of the challenging Jacob’s Ladder and making our way across the wobbly bridge. The instructors commented on how impressed they were with the children’s resilience and ability to encourage each other.

We returned to our tent village and set up our homes for the next few nights, some tents had even brought fairy lights to make the place more homely! The sun was shining so we enjoyed some time playing football and some less energetic top-trumps. We had dinner and returned to find the rain had arrived. As we couldn’t head to the beach as planned we began preparing for the Tent Talent Contest, we then piled into the onsite classroom to perform. All tents performed brilliantly and we all had sore cheeks from laughing so much! We then played wink murder (with some rather dramatic performances) before enjoying some hot chocolate and a piece of cake. The rain eventually stopped so we returned to our tents to change into our pyjamas and fetch our bedding and then settled down for a film. We’re now off to bed and are really looking forward to our first full day on site tomorrow!

 Sorry for the lack of photos, the internet is very slow here. More will be added when we return to school.