P.E. Passport

As part of Perran-ar-Worthal's Fabulous Friday, the children will receive a second P.E. lesson where they will be applying the skills learned from Monday to Thursday in a sport based setting.
As of September 2016, each child in KS2 will be given a 'P.E. Passport' that breaks down the school year into 6 half terms. Each half term focuses on a different sport and the country where the sport is highly popular (e.g. Ireland - Rugby). Due to the break down of each year, the children will experience 16 different sports during their time in KS2! There are some sports that are repeated in other years, this means that the children will experience a progression of skills in those sports.
The children are all incredibly excited about their P.E. Passports and are fully involved in the P.E. lessons throughout the week. 
Here are some quotes from the KS2 children.
"I loved going to Argentina to play Basketball!"
"I never thought that I would be good at Capoeira!"
"I want to visit every country to have a go at their sports!"
A PDF version of the P.E. Passport is available below.
Mr Teasdale
P.E. Coordinator