Year 4 Football / 04.03.19

On a windy Monday afternoon, the Perran-ar-Worthal Year 4 football team arrived at Devoran school to play their first ever match against another school! 
As the stepped off the mini-bus and onto the pitch, the excitement rose as they saw that a large crowd of parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles had gathered to watch the fixtures!
In the first match, PAW dominated possession. Barney commanded the midfield with skill and almost scored a great free kick, whilst Thomas' lightning pace up front created plenty of chances. It was not long before Dan has scored the opening goal and this was soon followed by a solid finish from Noah to make the score 2-0. Harry and Taro produced some wonderful tackles, whilst Jonty and Miles made some exciting runs down the pitch. Towards the end of the match, Morgan made a wonderful run down the left wing and almost scored a great goal. 
Te second match was a very tense and hard fought affair with both side playing some exciting football. The game was ties at 0-0 close to the final whistle when the Devoran centre forward closed in on the PAW goal. The crowd fell silent as he went to strike the ball. The ball soared towards the goal, but Eddie leapt across the goal and produced a magnificent save to keep the scores level. 
It was a very exciting afternoon. All of the team played with great fairness, shook hands with the opposition and were a real credit to the school!
A special thank you to Ben Dunnett (Coach) and Susie Matthews (Physio)
Well done, everyone!
Mr T