Year 4 Football / 11.03.19

On a sunny but windy Monday afternoon, the Perran-ar-Worthal Panthers (Year 4 football team) travelled to play the Kennel Vale Canines on a rather muddy pitch in Ponsanooth. 

Perran-ar-Worthal started with great confidence, passing the ball around well and surging towards the Kennell Vale goal. After about two minutes, Thomas open the scoring with a powerful strike. Perran-ar-Worthal continued to play well - Harry was fantastic in defence showing great control of the ball. After five minutes, the Kennall Vale team came back in to it and scored a fine goal to level the scores at 1-1. Jonty played well and made some great tackles and partnered with Miles in the midfield who made some good runs. Taro was strong with his tackles and also made some weaving runs down the right hand side. However, the score remained 1-1 at half time.

After an inspirational team talk from the Perran-ar-Worthal coaches(!), the Panthers came out firing for the second-half. Barney made a powerful run up the field and passed to Dan who hammered the ball off the crossbar and into the goal! Perran-ar-Worthal continued to apply pressure with Morgan producing some outstanding throw-ins to keep Kennall Vale on the defensive. However, the opposition looks strong in the break and Eddie was called on to make some fine saves. Noah was also outstanding in defence and looked dangerous in the air at corners.

During the last few minutes of the match, the Perran-ar-Worthal team played some superb football. Barney scored a fine goal, as did Thomas. The final play of the match involved a dramatic goalmouth scramble with Barney finally tapping the ball over the line just before the final whistle blew. The Perran-ar-Worthal Panthers had secured a confident win and would have won by more if it had not been for the outstanding performance from the Kennall Vale goalkeeper who deserves a special mention. 

We are very grateful to have friends at Kennall Vale for hosting the match and to our travelling band of supporters who were good in voice.

Final score: Perran-ar-Worthal 5, Kennall Vale 1.