Music to our ears!

At Perran-ar-Worthal School, every child is given the opportunity to develop an interest in and enjoyment of music in many ways:
  • MUSIC IN THE CURRICULUM - Regular class based music lessons led by the class teachers are linked to our Inspire Curriculum. In addition to the teaching of music skills, our teachers will often include music in a cross curriular way where pupils can be introduced to a period of music linked to a history topic, the cultural element of a range of religious festivals or they may look at a range of instruments from different parts of the world linked to a geography based topic. Throughout the year, every child is involved in seasonal productions such as our Harvest Festival and the Key Stage 1 Nativity and Key Stage 2 Christmas Concert. At the end of the year all our Key Stage 2 pupils are involved in a musical production.
  • CHOIR - The school prides itself on it's large school choir where the children have proudly represented their school at the annual Cornwall Music Festival. The school choir have also taken part in joint concerts with the Truro Male Voice Choir and the Nankersey Male Voice Choir when performing for the local community. In December 2014, the school choir joined forces with the Perran-ar-Worthal Adult Community Choir, made up of parents, staff and local residents in the community. The joint concert took place in Truro Cathedral to a full audience as one of the late night shopping concerts. Both the school choir and adult community choir are often invited to sing at local events and at local venues such as St Piran's Church. The children's school choir sessions take place on a Friday afternoon from 2.30pm and the Perran-ar-Worthal Adult Community Choir sessions take place at he school on a Monday at 3.30pm.
  • CLUBS - In addition to the school choir, recorder club is available to all levels of ability. Our school is very fortunate to have a specialist teacher who voluntarily runs three recorder groups. The beginners group develops the skills of our youngest and least experienced recorder players, the middle group develops the skills of those children who already have the basics and wish to play a wider range of music and finally, our advanced group, who enjoy the challenge of playing in three parts and working towards concerts and County Music Festival competition events.
  • INSTRUMENTAL TUITION - From Year 3 every child has the option of accessing the music service instrumental tuition which are fee paying weekly sessions. If your child is entitled to free school meals and you have filled in the relevant registration form, funding is available for your child for music tuition and the hiring of an instrument. More information on this is available at the office. A full range of insrumental tuition is available such as, brass, woodwind, strings, keyboard and percussion. Children who are learning to play an instrument are given the opportunity to perform in assembly, at local concerts and also, if they feel confident enough, to compete in the County Music Festival.
  • OUTREACH WHOLE CLASS INSTRUMENTAL TUITION - As part of our school's link with the Music Hub Service, our children have benefitted from fully funded whole class instumental tuition. This year our Key Stage 2 pupils have enjoyed 10 weeks of Samba tuition with a specialist Samba teacher.
  • PENRYN PARTNERSHIP LINKS - As part of our school's links with Penryn College, our pupils are often invited to see and be inspired by the musical productions performed by ex-pupils and older siblings at Penryn College. The schools within our cluster work closely with the Penryn College staff to provide opportunities for our pupils. Joint musical productions and choir performances have been planned and this year the college has organised a gifted and talented instrumental workshop for primary pupils within the cluster with the aim of creating an orchestra.  
  • COMMUNITY LINKS - Being part of a small community, the school has developed close links with the local church. As part of this mutual support, the children benefit from a hand bell ringing club that is run after school by members of the local church. The bell ringing club members are given the opportunity to perform at events such as our annual Christmas tree decorating service. This club is available to pupils from Year 2 to Year 6.