16th June 2016

The Swifts shared letters they had written to persuade a non-voter to vote as well as speeches for both the ‘remain ‘and ‘leave’ sides of the referendum. Below are letters written by two Year 6 pupils, one for 'remain' and one for 'leave'. I’m sure you will agree that letters have very strong persuasive styles.


In the upcoming referendum if I were able to vote I could choose to remain as part of the European Union. Why? Because of these reasons:-

Without EU membership, the campaign for remaining states, that the UK would find itself increasingly more neglected by main global influences such as USA and Russia. Trading with any EU countries would also become considerably more challenging.

Furthermore, If we were to leave we would have to renegotiate trade deals with each European country individually and have to start paying import and export taxes on these agreements. This would cost the UK a lot of money.

In addition to this, if we were to leave, our freedom to travel around EU countries without visas would diminish. We already have control of our boarders, we can stop anyone coming into our country so the idea that we need to regain control is nonsense.

Don’t look back on this in regret, vote Remain on Thursday 23rd June.


I am writing to tell you about the upcoming EU referendum. If I could vote, I would vote to leave.

David Cameron is already wanting Turkey to join the EU along with 4 other countries. Think how challenging it would be to have the possibility of more people moving to our country. If we vote to leave our country will become much more efficient. Think about how things like visiting the doctors will be so much quicker. The NHS in in trouble; we pay £350 million a week to be part of the EU which we could spend on something that really matters. If we leave, we will have more control over our country.

Leaving the EU could free the UK from the masses of legislation enforced by Brussels. You will only get one vote on this.

After the war, Britain created the NHS and by voting out you could save more money, more money to build more hospitals. The NHS could have greater finding. The money we pay is ours and we could choose to spend it on what we want.

Furthermore, if we leave the EU then we could trade freely without having our trade agreements made for us by The EU. Don’t you want that?

Vote leave on Thursday 23rd June and you will have a better life.


The Swifts decided that, as under 18s aren’t eligible to vote, they would like to give all the children in school the chance to express their opinion. On Thursday they turned their classroom into a polling station and opened the doors to the rest of the school. There was a fantastic turnout with 81% of children choosing to come and cast their vote - one person even applied for a proxy vote! Swifts were on hand to guide the younger children through the voting process. The pictures show how seriously the Year 6 took their roles during the voting which took place during the lunch hour on Thursday.

The votes were then counted and recounted; the results are as follows:

Spoilt or none  2%            Remain  69%                     Leave 29%

A successful day of running a polling station and understanding how to exercise your rights in a democratic society. Well done Year 6!