Swifts Visit Shelterbox

2nd February 2017
On Thursday, our Year 6 pupils spent time at the Shelter Box Headquarters in Truro. During their time there, they were given the opportunity to pack a shelter box with everything that a family would need to survive in poor conditions following a disaster. The children were split into teams and were given the challenge to see how quickly they could neatly pack a complete family sized shelter box and both teams hit the 2 minute marker. Well done!
The visit also enabled the pupils to learn more about how Shelter Box works and the large number of families they have helped across the world. The various shelters were on display to enable our Year 6 to gain a feel of what it may be like to live in a Shelter Box tent. Following a series of Pupil Voice sessions with Mrs Pallot where ‘a teaspoon of change’ has been the starting point, several pupils in Year 6 decided they would like to raise money to purchase one Shelter Box to be sent out to a disaster area. The cake stall that was held in the hall last Friday, run by Zane, Ross, William, Oscar and Stanley, was the start of the fund raising challenge. The stall raised an amazing £63.15.
The Year 6 boys involved would like to say thank you very much to all that bought and brought cakes for Shelter Box. The cake sale was a massive success to help families in need. Thank you also for the £50 donation. They are now well on their way to reaching their goal of £590. Well done boys!