Falmouth Art Gallery Comes to Perran-ar-Worthal

30th January 2015

THE TALENT OF OUR STARLINGS - Charlotte Davis from Falmouth Art Gallery came into school on Friday to work with the Starlings. To begin the day Charlotte asked the class to work in groups to produce a sketch book of ideas and thoughts.  These could be in the form of mark and pattern making or small pictures.  She then asked the children to try using their non-dominant hands to do the same task. After this Charlotte showed the class how to mix colours and they mixed colours on their own tester sheet.  Following this they experimented with how to make marks with the colours they had mixed.During the afternoon the Starlings used all of the skills they had practiced throughout the morning to create their own unique painting.  The paintings produced looked fantastic.  The day was a great success and was clearly throughly enjoyed by all. Our otherclasses are hoping to see Charlotte or one of her colleagues in school again soon. Well done Starlings!