Double produce letter - Sept 2014

Dear School,

Current products for consumption in the SFVS

This year the Healthy Foods Programme within the Department of Health was under considerable pressure to deliver a budget that showed savings on the previous year.  As a result some small changes were made to the Schools Fruit and Vegetable Scheme which currently costs £40m per year to provide 2.25m pieces of fruit or vegetable per day to 16,300 primary schools for KS1 pupils.


As a result of these changes your produce timetable will have changed where you may now receive two of the same product in some weeks.  A carrot day costs considerably less than a banana day for example, so inevitably there will be more carrot days – reflecting on this, schools should consider the nutritional benefits of carrots versus bananas as well as fewer food miles travelled.  The DH still intend to include bananas and a range of fruit and vegetables which is demonstrated by the recent introduction of grapes in a pilot area that will be extended across England if the trial proves a success.   


The produce is delivered to you using regional suppliers and distributors who endeavour to ensure high quality produce is supplied at all times.  A satisfaction survey is planned for later this year where the DH will be seeking the views of Headteachers, parents and pupils about product choice, quality and the effectiveness of the scheme in changing food choice behaviour in young people. 

Kind regards

The SFVS Team