School Council

Our School Council are the pupil voice in the choice. They are the connecting voice between staff, governors and pupils who act on behalf of the children in school and meet regularly.  This year, class representatives were democratically elected by each class.  


Meet the 2020/21 team!



Hello! My name is Seren and I'm eleven years old.  I wanted to be on the school council so I could help people, so I could take on board small complaints and try to help that.  I really have enjoyed helping organise school events over the past few months.  This is really fun and I'm so happy I was given this opportunity. 



Hi, I'm Violet.  I'm eleven years old and I think that it is really important that all pupils have a say in everything they do.  The school council are all working so hard to make sure that the school is as good as it can be. 



My name is Jacey and I am on the school council for Year 5.  I'm so happy I got this opportunity because I feel like I can help students by being their advocate. 






Hi my name is Esme and I'm 7 Years old.  I love being on the school council as well as being me.  






Hello I am Harriet. I am in Year 1. I want to be on school council because I like the meetings.



I want to be on school council because we get to do meetings.