YEAR 5 CAMP 2015 - Wednesday, DAY 1

13th July 2016
Wednesday, 13th July
The Year 5 children arrived at lunchtime today and sat with our Year 6 pupils to talk about their experiences and what they had to look forward to for the rest of the week.
The high ropes was the first port of call for our Year 5s today. Harnessed and hatted up, the children took to the sky - every child (and adult) did the Leap of Faith without so much as a blink of an eye. Very impressive approach to a task that challenges your level of fear. Jacob's Ladder was also a big hit with three very impressive young ladies making it to the very top. Well done girls! The morning ended with the VERY high ropes where two children would have to start either end and cross over in the middle. A great job by all!
Following a very lovely roast dinner for tea, the children were taken down to Porthpean beach for an evening of sand castle building, a spot of 'leg burying', some enthusiastic rock pooling and a slightly competitive stone skimming session. With ample cake and hot chocolate to life the sugar levels a little, the troop were walked back up the very steep hill to camp where they quickly organised themselves - getting ready for bed etc. Asleep by 11pm, the staff were able to get to bed at a reasonable time....although a 3.30am rude awakening from one tent did have Mrs Heffer out of bed looking rather grumpy. A quiet word and all was quiet once more until 6.30am the next morning. A busy and fun  first day with a great group of children.