Year 5 Camp Day 3

19th July 2017

After 2 very busy days, everyone was fast asleep by 10:30 and some tents had to be woken at 8 this morning. I think it’s fair to say we all slept very well!

Another huge cooked breakfast gave us the energy to pack up our tents and set us up for our final activity of the camp - high ropes! We made our way to the high-rope course and after we had listened carefully to the  instructors, wrestled ourselves into full body harnesses and made sure our helmets fitted we were off. The first challenges of the  course were Jacob’s Ladder and the wobbly bridge. Incredible climbing and resilience were shown in these challenging activities. Some people even made it all the way to the top of the ladder and range the bell.

The next two activities were the leap-of-faith and zip-wire. Leap-of-faith involved jumping from an 8 metre platform into the air. Year 6 arrived at the point and enjoyed cheering us on as we made the jumps. It was an amazing end to a brilliant camp.

We had lunch together before packing our bags onto the coach and heading back to school.

Mr Teasdale, Mrs Pallôt and Mr McConnell would like to thank the Year 5s for being so fantastic, giving everything a go and representing Perran-ar-Worthal so well. Parents - you should be very proud.