Art and Design Resources

The following list of art links is intended to help inspire ideas for parents of children who are not able to attend school either because of the Covid pandemic and the need to self-isolate, or because of illness.

At a time when so much that is familiar seems to have been turned on its head, exploring art and crafts can provide a child with a way of creating and expressing their inner thoughts, whilst also providing a space to just have fun!


Tate Kids

Part of Tate galleries, this website is dedicated to children aged 5-13 years, and has been designed to inspire and educate on all aspects of the art world. Through a vast, exciting mix of art history videos exploring famous artists and their works, fun interactive games and quizzes, and highly creative art projects designed to encourage children to have a go whatever their ability, Tate Kids is a fantastic art resource.


Norton Simon Museum

This American based museum has a diverse selection of art projects for children, including puppet making, Cubist collage and 3D clay models. There is also a range of colouring sheets to print based on the works of artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso.


Draw with Rob

A great site packed full of follow along videos by author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph, designed to enthuse even the most reluctant of artists. We have already had some amazing artworks produced in school; now see what you can do! 



A fantastic site for gleaning ideas and inspiration for anything to do with art, craft and design. Packed full of links to a huge variety of activities, the only difficulty is choosing just one project to explore!