Curriculum Rationale

Every Moment Matters Curriculum

Perran-ar-Worthal School is at the heart of a supportive and thriving community. We firmly believe that it takes a whole community to educate a child and our curriculum aims to provide the children with the skills, tools and knowledge that will impact on their development throughout their life. 

We have created a curriculum with reference to the Equality Act 2010 and endeavour to ensure that all pupils can access our broad and balanced curriculum. 


Quality of Education

At Perran-ar-Worthal School, we firmly believe that ‘Every Moment Matters’ and therefore have designed a broad and balanced curriculum that gives each and every child the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our rich, challenging and inclusive curriculum ensures that we prepare the children for the next stage of their life-long learning journey. In addition to preparing the children to achieve in their end of key stage assessments, our goal is to provide the children with a range of experiences that will benefit them in all aspects of their development.

Behaviour and Attitudes

As our curriculum builds on prior knowledge and skills, it enables pupils to make links with their learning as they progress through the school. Pupils show positive attitudes towards their learning, which is evident in their engagement in lessons and their enthusiasm to make links outside of school.

Personal Development

As a community, we acknowledge and appreciate the value of children being happy, healthy and successful. With the ever changing world around us, we understand the importance of supporting the mental and physical well-being of our children whilst preparing them for the demands and expectations of becoming a 21st century global citizen. We aim for our ‘Every Moment Matters’ curriculum to recognise the individual talents and strengths of our children, where those aspiring geographers, historians, artists and scientists of the future are encouraged through self-belief.


Perran-ar-Worthal’s rich and broad curriculum uses national expectations to inform planning and potential learning experiences. Connections are made between subjects to embed purposeful learning across the curriculum.

In KS2, from Monday to Thursday, we provide the children with subject-specific teaching in the afternoon, where lessons are delivered by staff who specialise in the following areas: computing, geography, history, physical education, religious education, science, and spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC).

In order to ensure that the creative arts curriculum is delivered effectively, we have designed a unique programme known as ‘Fabulous Fridays’. During ‘Fabulous Fridays’, all children rotate every half-term through a series of creative and enriching workshops. These workshops include: art, design technology, drama, cookery, music, forest schools, physical education, modern foreign languages and pupil voice. In addition, KS1 also participate in creative, cross-curricular ‘Out of the Box’ activities.

Alongside our bespoke curriculum, there are opportunities for pupils to engage in extra-curricular experiences, such as: public speaking, sporting events (developing and competing), music festivals and poetry recitals.


The Leadership and Management Team at Perran-ar-Worthal monitor the impact of the curriculum throughout the year - coverage is not mistaken for progress. The learning of the children in school is measured through analysis of application of skills across the curriculum and pupils' ability to transfer their knowledge, skills and understanding across subject areas. Teachers and Curriculum Leaders also conduct performance analysis linked to assessment in a variety of ways. Our aim is for our children to clearly articulate what they are learning using a ‘Small Steps to Success’ approach and make links to previous learning as well as across the curriculum.

Our ‘Every Moment Matters’ curriculum is designed to make learning enjoyable, memorable and purposeful – utilising every learning opportunity to promote individual success.