School Council

Our School Council are the pupil voice in the choice. They are the connecting voice between staff, governors and pupils who act on behalf of the children in school and meet regularly.  This year, class representatives were democratically elected by each class.  


So far this term the school council have being helping with the harvest festival preparations by writing to our local food bank. 
They have also started to tackle the issue of children using too much soap when they wash their hands by creating posters to display in our toilets. 
What a great start! 

Meet the 2021/22 team!


Jacey Hi, my name is Jacey.  The reason I want to be chair is that I love this school so much and I am happy that I am following my sister's footprints. I am confident and fair.


Hatty Hi my name is Hatty and one of the vice school councilors. I really like sports and I think I'll represent this school very well.  I'll work my hardest and try to come up with good ideas. 


Jesse My name is Jesse and I joined Perran-ar-Worthal School in Year 4 and since joining, I've fitted in.  Since I ran for school council, I've got to say it's nerve-racking but once you've said it (the speech before voting) you don't have to do anything else so don't let anyone put you down and go for gold! You'll get there some day. 


Florence I'm Florence and being on the school council is a thing that I always looked up to be, but I've never had the confidence to put my name forward until Year 5.  I wanted to be on the school council because I will love sharing my peers' ideas as well as mine that could really change the school.  Also I will enjoy having a say in any problem or event the school might face.  


Casper I wanted to be on school council because I want to make school better. 


Jack I wanted to be on the school council because I thought it would be fun and I wanted to make things better.  Also, to make people happy and give people more equipment and to make things happier. 


Caspar I care for people and I thought it would be interesting to be part of the school council.  


Daniel People like me and I want people to be proud of me. 


Senara I like being on the school council.