26th May 2016
Over the last two weeks, the children in Kingfishers have been busy working on a marketing project taking on the role of the young apprentice where they have needed to work in teams to create, promote and sell a product.
The project started with the children researching the nutritional content of 'healthy' food bars available on the market today and looking at the way in which they were promoted through packaging and the use of clever persuasive language and advertising.
To begin their own journey of creating and selling their own product, they then had to create a company name, design a healthy food bar for a specific target group and prepare a suitable TV advert, an information booklet, posters, sales pitch and slogan.
After a busy two weeks of preparing for their big day of selling, the children then took to the playground where they prepared their marketing stalls to sell their product to their public who were asked to evaluate the marketing skills of each stall. Company 'Jelmh' were the winning team, voted by the public as being the best company for marketing their product.
Once the big day of sales was over, the children worked in their company teams to count their income and, using an accounting proforma, they were asked to calculate their gross income and net income. Company 'Energy Extreme' were the winning team for making the largest profit margin. The five companies made an amazing combined gross profit of £93.06 with a net profit of £67.06. The whole class  then took a democratic vote on how to spend the money and the votes went in favour of making a donation to Cancer Research.
A wonderful experience was had by all, including the teachers, who were so impressed with the way in which the children took the task so seriously and managed their companies effectively and with a great level of maturity. Well done Kingfishers! Lord Sugar would be proud of you young entrepreneurs!