Creativity Collaborative - Inspiring Teaching and Learning

‘Does the teaching of creativity across the curriculum lead to young people who are better prepared for their future in a changing workforce?’ 

In October 2021, Arts Council England announced funding of £2,780,000 to build a network of schools that will test a range of innovative approaches to teaching for creativity. The Penryn Partnership was selected as one of the eight national pilots, led by Penryn College.

The funding has been granted to eight lead schools, who each work with a network of at least a further eight schools. Perran-ar-Worthal has been selected as one of those schools. The networks trial varied methods of teaching that help children and young people develop their creative capabilities and evaluate their effectiveness. The pilot will run until July 2024, testing out teaching approaches and curriculum development which can then be applied more widely throughout the education system.

The Creativity Collaboratives learning community includes schools across the Penryn Partnership, the University of Exeter, and local businesses and cultural partners. Through working together, we will lead research into innovative and inspirational Teaching and Learning strategies over our three-year programme. We will be working with Penryn College and the University of Exeter to utilise their knowledge and expertise to ensure our research, programme delivery and impact measuring is of the highest quality.