Library Information

We are delighted that our new school library is now open and running very well under the direction of our School Librarian, Mrs Jo Cameron and our Year 6 Librarians, George, Olivia, Samuel and Sam.
We are indebted to Friends of Perran-ar-Worthal School (FOPS) who helped to raise a considerable about of funds in order for all our pupils to benefit from this wonderful new addition to our school. We are thrilled that it is clearly helping our children to continue to develop their love of reading.
In addition to a wide range of quality fiction and non-fiction books, the new furniture has ensured our libary is a welcoming and relaxing place to share books and enjoy reading.
Our library is run on an online system enabling all pupils to scan books in and out against their own personalised library code and track how many books they have read, which genres and authors they prefer. This system also enables them to search for specific books if required.
The library is used by all our classes during the day throughout the week. Mrs Cameron runs a very popular library club after school on a Wednesday where parents and their children can come and share their love of reading together. Our local pre-school children also get the chance to enjoy our facilities with a weekly visit to our library to enjoy with their teachers.
We are soon to launch our library home link, where our children can access the system from home and reserve books. This will also enable the children to write book reviews and post them to an online site.