20th March 2015
A fantastic evening was had by the Perran-ar-Worthal Community Choir when, for the first time, they performed at the Cornwall County Music Festival and then came first in their class! A very ecstatic and slightly surprised choir jumped to their feet when they heard the results and a well deserved trophy was received for their wonderful effort. The choir were praised for the quality of their tone and their togetherness, not just as a choir of voices but as a group of people who share a passion for singing as well their strong links within the community and with the school. Many thanks to Zoe Crouse for her wonderful piano playing keeping us all singing in time and in tune! The choir ended the evening celebrating their success in a 'local establishment' favoured by many. Any more parents, grandparents, members of the community or friends of members of the community wishing to join our choir, you are more than welcome to come along and have some fun.Thank you to all in the choir for their hard work and dedication. You are all GREAT!