The Police Come to Visit our Puffins

15th January 2015
On Thursday, January 15th, our Puffins were treated to a visit from PCSO Braddon and his colleague as part of the children's topic on 'People Who Help Us'. The children were very excited about the visitors and had aready prepared for their arrival by preparing questions to ask the two officers. Every child and teacher had made their very own Police Officer badges ready for the day. The children learnt about how the police help people and were able to have their questions answered. Every child had a chance to try on uniform, make a finger print ID card and try out the naughty cell in the back of the police van. Luckily, every Puffin was free to go at the end of the day and were rewarded for their police officer apprentiship efforts with a police sticker. A big thank you goes to PCSO Braddon and his colleague for their time and also to the children for listening so well.