YEAR 6 CAMP 2016 - Monday, DAY 1

11th July 2016
Monday, 11th July
Year 6 arrived at Porthpean early to take advantage of a full day of water sports on the beach. Once suited and booted, the excited group walked down the steep hill where a range of canoes and kayaks were waiting. Safety talk done, the Swifts took to the water and had a day of calm...splashing, jumping in, laughing, capsizing, rock climbing, more laughing, more jumping in....oh, and some canoeing! After a fun filled day the troop returned to the camp site tired and hungry. The evening meal was very much welcomed by all - not a scrap left on any plate. After a friendly game of footy with some other schools on the site and a little bit of tree climbing thrown in for good measure, the Swifts were treated to a melting marshmallow chocolate biscuit sandwich cooked over a fire. Yum! One hot chocolate later, it was time for bed.....the activity of getting to bed and actually sleeping took a little longer that normal but we finally got there. A big day tomorrow of more excitement and fun!